HDPE Welders

Vietz VFT-900 Fusion Welder

Plummers Project Services Pty Ltd own the largest and most advanced tracked enclosed welder in Australia, the Vietz VFT-900 Fusion Welder, it has been designed to increase efficiency and safety on large bore HDPE pipeline construction.

Vietz VacuVietz Pipe Lifting System

The VacuVietz minimises pipe handling risks by transporting pipes using the most modern pipe handling technology to date. This attachment can be mounted to an excavator for the safe unloading of pipe deliveries. It can handle a full range of pipe diameters and eliminates damage to the pipe.

Vietz VFT FusionTrac 500

VIETZ VFT FusionTrac 500 the little sister of the VFT900 increases production and safety in smaller diameter pipeline construction.

McElroy T Series

The tried and tested McElroy T500, T630 and T900 HDPE fusion welders are reliable, efficient, rugged and technically advanced.