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Cataby P001 Project

Date: August 2018
Category: Project Services
Client: Iluka

Iluka Resources Limited awarded Plummers Industries the Field Piping and Pumping Installation Contract in August 2018 for the Cataby Mine Development Project, this Project consisted 105km of HDPE piping installation ranging in sizes from 630mm to 63mm.

•Various piping disciplines were required for Process Water, Mining Slurry, Sand Tails, Modified Co-Disposal, Gland Water, Raw Water, Re-injection Water, In-Pit Dewatering and Waste Water.
•Installation of 2 x Field Gland Water Tanks, Assemble and installation 2 x Sand Stackers, Installation of Pump Skids, Installation of Tailings Booster Pumps, and Installation of 13 x Electrical Substations.
•The Project was required to be delivered in 103 days, thus ensuring that a minimum 1,000m piping was installed per day along with the others concurrent installation deliverables.
•Plummers 100% owned fleet of HDPE butt welding equipment including the VFT500 (automated tracked welder), 4 x T900 (Tracstar 900 welder), 2 x T630 (Tracstar 630 welder), 4 x T500 (Tracstar 500 welder) and multiple Dixon Welders were utilised throughout the Project, making it possible to complete the project under the tight time constraints.